Monday, July 18, 2011


With the recent appearance of Charice during the 6th Annual NAPA Valley Festival Del Sole 2011, Chasters all around the world have finally quenched their thirst after waiting for updates, news and videos.

I have seen the videos uploaded by Chasters who were there and I must say, Charice shined like never before. Tthe quality of the videos are not at its best but IT’S THE BEST THAT WE CHASTERS HAVE. KUDOS to those Chasters who have allowed us to feel how it is to be in her presence. I just feel a bit sad reading some comments in youtube about her performance. There seems to be no ending on these CRABS and their MENTALITY. Nonetheless, I have contained my frustrations and sadness in a bottle and throw it away.

The fashion style of Charice is what I fancy. Its simple and its her loved color. She definitely commands her fashion style and how she wants us to see her in her next appearances. SHEEK AND GLAM, SIMPLE AND ICONIC.

For now, CHASTERS just have to wait for what can, would, should, shall HAPPEN NEXT.  But what I am so excited about is the debut of her 3rd Music VIDEO for ONE DAY, which is surely out before the month ends (hopeful).

BTW, I missed blogging for the past weeks as I have been engaged in another job which demanded much of my time. I have constantly lurked in CHARICEMANIA but failed to log on to UNO’s chatbox as I have limited time online.

I’ll be posting below some vids of CHARICE’s Performances in NAPA. Credit goes to the uploaders.


                                                        CHARICE : I WILL SURVIVE


Thursday, July 7, 2011

CHARICE : Far as the SKY [official music video]

BULL DOCTOR - Tamami (Makiko Esumi), known as the "Bull Doctor," is a forensic doctor who uses any means necessary to uncover the truth. She is also a mother with one child. Due to her persistence she is often butting heads with a passionate detective (Satomi Ishihara) and fellow forensic doctor (Goro Inagaki).

International singing sensation, Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco or also known as Charice was chosen to record the theme song of a new Japanese TV Series “Bull Doctor."
Below is the official Music Video of the theme song "Far as the SKY"

    [video source : Trammy 777]


Saturday, July 2, 2011

CHARICE : " BIG VOICE in this tiny little body" - Leah Salonga

Not the first time - Leah Salonga, Tony Award - winning actress/ singer, in almost all interviews here in the Philippines and abroad has nothing to say but praises and admiration for Charice. It was in the luxury Hotel Carlyle in New York where she gave a moment to be interviewed by Ryan Songalia (professional writer. She was asked all sorts of questions but what caught my attention was her honest opinion on Filipino talents such as Arnel Pineda and Charice, who have penetrated the US Music Industry because of pure talent. (Charice is mentioned at 6:40 )

Synopsis: (International recording star Lea Salonga took a moment after her opening night performance at the Carlyle Hotel in June 2011 to speak with me about the concert series, her involvement with the new play Allegiance, the RH Bill and emerging pop star Charice.)

Here are other interviews of Miss Leah Salonga mentioning Charice:

 " ... at the end of the day if you're just so insanely talented, you cannot be ignored."

" ... the world would be stupid to ignore you."


I’m not sure if Americans are aware of a fruit that is called GUYABANO. It’s not the best seller among fruits and you don’t get to see it being made available at the supermarket. But it is one of the healthiest fruits I must say, considering the benefits we get from a fruit dubbed as the “miracle fruit.” Yes it is a miracle fruit because it can cure CANCER.
Cancer is a disease characterized by “out-of-control cell growth.” The medical society has discovered that there are over 100 different types of cancer and each is classified by the type of cell that is initially affected. Cancer mostly strikes the cervix, prostrate, breast and lungs. And the major causes of cancer is believed to be a combination of genetic factors and outside carcinogens like tobacco, viruses, infection, vinyl chloride and inappropriate diet. How you take care of your health, the food you eat and your kind of lifestyle matters in dealing with Cancer. Thus it is very important to stay healthy and eat healthy food.
The “Guyabano” is a very healthy fruit.  It is the fruit from the Graviola tree that is a miraculous natural cancer cell killer said to be 10,000 times stronger than Chemo. That is why I am here to let you know that a glass of some sour sop juice from time to time is not only healthy and good for your diet but it also prevents cancer. The taste is not that bad and it’s completely natural.  It definitely has no side effects as well. That is why if you have space, I suggest you plant one in your garden because the other parts of the tree are as useful as the fruit itself. And do you know that the Graviola tree–including the bark, leaves, roots, fruit and fruit-seeds – have been used for centuries by medicine men and native Indians in South America to treat heart disease, asthma, liver problems and arthritis. That is very interesting, right?

Now, because the fruit is a bit sour, it might not appeal to you. But I want to share with you how I make this sour-tasting fruit into a smooth and luscious shake that you cannot resist. This is a very good alternative for the usual fruit shakes we order in snack bars and restaurants or food shops. And it’s very easy and convenient to prepare. For a single blending, good for about 3 tall glasses, you will need about 2 cups “guyabano” flesh, peeled and seed removed, 1/2 cup skimmed milk, ¼ cup honey, 2 cups ice cube and 1 cup cold water.

Preparing it is as simple as drinking it afterwards.  All you just have to do is put everything into the blender and pulse it a couple of times until a smooth, rich and creamy consistency is attained. Pour it into your glass and viola; you have a healthy, cancer-preventing fruit shake that fits your diet and healthy lifestyle. And it doesn’t even cause you that much to prepare it.
So, the next time you buy your fruits and vegetables at the supermarket look for a guyabano fruit  and take 2-3 pieces, that should be enough for a week. If it’s not available in the supermarket you can check on local Asian stores or check its availability online as well. 

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