Friday, December 2, 2011

Here is my TOP 10 want/wishlist for Christmas, hope Santa finds time to make it come true :)

 1. I want to meet CHARICE.
2. I wish for her to sign all the albums that I bought. :)
3. I want to ask her if she'd want to go out with me? lol.
4. I wish to sit front row in her future concerts here in PI or abroad.
5. I want for her to hug my mom and sing her a song.
6. I wish we're friends.
7. I want to have duet with her, even if I can't carry a tune.
8. I wish she finds a lot of time to rest.
9. I want to be her back up singer! hahaha I'd be the worst back-up singer she'd ever have.
10. Lastly, I wish for her to sing any song and have it dedicated to ME. yay!

Comment if we have the same want/wishlist. hehehe

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