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I just found out through concerned Chasters in CM that the link I shared to all of you guys is actually a scam. Yes, I tried to sign up again, and saw it for myself. They now ask for donations for this petition, which was not there when I first signed up. Initially, I thought this is for real and that sincere Chasters made this for US to see the Live Concert of our dear Charice in DVD. However, I am mistaken.

And for this I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to all Chasters and for creating this mess. I have learned my lesson, and I assure you I will definitely be careful next time. I will be deleting the link in this post as well. But I will leave the post itself so that I can explain myself.

I am hoping for your understanding. I am still a chaster, and will always be one.

Just recently, there has been an online petition created to support Warner Music Japan to release Charice Live Concert in DVD. The petition states and I quote -

"We hereby declare our support for Warner Music Japan, to make their full efforts as they have always made for all the Warner artists, to release Charice's recent Japan Tour on DVD for her fans who actually went & saw it, millions who couldn't make it, and zillions who desperately wanted to make it but couldn't.

To the honorable Warner Music group, please consider releasing the wonderful moment of our lifetime on DVD "


Charice, loved by the Japanese People, has been given Great feedback after the four (4) leg concert in Japan which culminated in Osaka. Chasters who weren't able to see the concert live cheered for Charice only in personal videos uploaded in Youtube by ninjachasters. So this petition will be a blessing in disguise to all Chasters who will be able to own a copy of this Live Concert in DVD.

To participate in this petition all you have to do is sign up, provide you name, email address and your comments. Easy as one, two, three.

Here is the link : (link is deleted, it's a scam)

CHARICE : A-list Awards and Recognitions

One hot afternoon while lurking in the world wide web looking for updates on Charice, I looked up her profile in Wiki and found out that for the last four years international Rnb singer and actress, Charice has been receiving various awards and recognition not just in the Philippines but in other countries as well. Some I didn't know but most of them I am familiar with.

I am in awe that for such a short period of time Charice indeed has come a long way. From losing in a local talent show and rising to fame, a fairy tale story unfolds before our very eyes. And nobody can deny her enormous talent and lovable personality even when she is still put down by some of her detractors. Her heart eats and breathes respect to all and she remained grounded despite the fortune she currently holds in her hands. This is perhaps due to how she was raised by her mother and the Filipino values that she chose to practice. And she has Oprah and David at her back.

I am a mere fan. A chaster, I call myself. I might not have seen her concerts or participated in her shows. But knowing that there is a soul in me believing in her pure talent is enough. It might not be enough for others but it is enough for me. And someday, I know I will meet her and when I do, it will be heaven on earth.

Three things I have learned while being a fan:
1. Accept others opinion even if its the worst, as that remains an opinion and I cannot do anything about it. It makes my blood boil reading some hurtful words being said here and there but I realized that as long as I know and I feel the truth of what and who Charice, nothing will persuade me from becoming a fan.

2. Contentment, happiness and joy by just seeing a 10 or 20 seconder clip or video of Charice. My mouth drops wide open every time I listen to her sing, talk or even smile. Yes, a smile, a giggle or a burst of laughter coming from her is heartwarming and it brings the purest joy of all joys.

3. Staying simple and be true to oneself. Charice has always been an inspiration and will continue to be one. I'm not that young anymore, although I still feel young, but knowing Charice and how she handles her fame and her success inspires me to do great things not just for myself but for my family as well. And if ever success will come knocking to my door, I'd definitely know how to handle it as I have the best and the youngest teacher there is CHARICE.

Anyway, below is the list of her achievements. I hope you find it interesting as well. Good day!

                   Awards and recognitions

Charice's star in the Eastwood City Walk of Fame, the Philippine equivalent of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • 3rd Place – Little Big Star Big Division, Season 1, Philippines
  • Most Requested Foreign Act of 2007 – StarKing, South Korea
  • Most Memorable Moment of 2007 – The Ellen DeGeneres Show, USA
  • Pinoy World Class Talent – 20th Year Anniversary of the Music Museum, 2008, Philippines
  • Key To The City of Rotterdam – Mayor Ivo Opstelten, 2008, The Netherlands
  • Best New Female Recording Artist – Aliw Awards, 2008, Philippines[87]
  • Newsmaker of the Year 2008, 2009 and 2010 – Balitang America, USA[88][89][90]
  • People of the Year 2008 – People Asia Magazine, 2009, Philippines[91]
  • Plaque of Recognition – The Spirit of EDSA Foundation, 2009, Philippines[92]
  • Special Citation Award – MYX Music Awards 2009, Philippines[93]
  • National Newsmaker of the Year 2008 – Ateneo de Davao University TAO Awards, 2009, Philippines[94]
  • Outstanding Global Achievement – 40th Box Office Entertainment Awards (Guillermo Awards), 2009, Philippines[95]
  • Best Selling Album of the Year - 22nd Awit Awards, 2009, Philippines[96]
  • Best Musical Performance of 2009 – The Oprah Winfrey Show, USA[97]
  • Person of the Year for 2009 –, Philippines[98]
  • MDWK Magazine's Top Newsmakers of 2009 – Asian Journal's MDWK Magazine, Philippines[99]
  • Fun, Fearless Female Award – Cosmopolitan Magazine Philippines, 2010[100]
  • 21 Under 21: Music's Hottest Minors (Number 4) – Billboard, 2010 USA[101]
  • Icon of Tomorrow – J-14 Magazine, 2010 USA[102]
  • BPInoy Award: Outstanding Filipino – Bank of the Philippine Islands, 2010 Philippines[103]
  • Best Inspirational or Religious Song (for "Always You") - 23nd Awit Awards, 2010, Philippines[104]
  • Number 4 in Yahoo!'s 2010 Most Irresistible Lyrics for 'Pyramid' – Yahoo!, 2010[105]
  • Number 7 in Reader's Choice Favorite Album of 2010: 'Charice' - Billboard[106]
  • Number 17 in Best Dance Club Songs of 2010: 'Pyramid' – Billboard[107]
  • Number 59 in Japan Hot 100 Songs of 2010: 'Pyramid' – Billboard[108]
  • J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 Award: Best New Artist - J-Wave Radio, 2011, Japan[109]
  • Female Concert Performer of the Year - 42nd Box-Office Entertainment Awards, 2011, Philippines[110]\                                                                                                                                                       

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cha - Latest - Charice in Singapore Interview

Finally, after a long wait, international singing superstar Charice is seen in an interview at RAZOR TV - a Singapore Press Holding Website.

Here is the synopsis of the RAZOR's Interview of Charice:

"The last time she came to Singapore, Charice Pempengco had food poisoning from sushi but that has not deterred her from eating here again, especially trying our local fare. The teen star was in town for a press conference to promote her second self-titled album."


"We know Charice has shared the stage with famous people like Celine Dion and
Brian Mcknight, so it was no surprise when Bruno Mars collaborated with her to work on the single 'Before It Explodes'.

She tells the press how honoured she feels to have worked with the famous singer who has part Fillipino heritage too."

"Charice may look little, but she definitely has some powerful vocals which can be heard in her upcoming sophomore album.  "

"Teen star Charice reveals she was absolutely honoured to be part of the Glee cast and would not mind acting for another season of the popular American TV show."


"She's young but she deals with fame well. Charice Pempengco says she also keeps in mind the advise Oprah Winfrey gave her - to keep your feet on the ground.  "


"Asia represent!' Charice says, and that is what she is proud of. She is the first Asian with an album debuting on the Billboard 200 and she wants people to know that Asians are talented.

ENJOY - credit goes to ChariceZone ( youtube uploader) and RazorTV

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CHA-LATEST : Charice Arrives in Singapore

(updated) MORE Photos (below), Videos and Tweets : Charice at Chai Singapore Airport, she looks so cute...and notice the hair? Cool right? And the these ladies are the luckiest to have taken pictures with Charice. CHARICE was just all out for these chasters...

Tweets from SINGAPORE ARE COMING IN, seems like our dear Charice has been doing a couple of interviews while in the City. See tweets and photos below.


                                       Credit to Capofret23, the Uploadeder

In an interview of Rnb singer and actress Charice during the Life Saver Gummies Great Flavor Vote Party last june 14, 2011 at Bowlmor Times Square, she mentioned she will be flying to Singapore but no other information was given. However, MAGNUS TODAY an entertainment website posted the latest on Charice's gig in Singapore. It was posted that Charice and her band (Troy Laureta, Chris Wrate, Lance Tolbert and LaRoid Larkin) will be in Singapore for a PRIVATE MUSICAL SHOWCASE. It's confirmed, the show will be on June 24, 2011, Friday.  However, the venue has not been mentioned yet as it will be arranged.


RJ Rosales
In the same Corporate gig today with Charice. But wish I was singing with her!

Troy Laureta
LOL! Interesting night... Went to Clarke Quay! It was fun. Now, chilling in the room. Show time tomorrow. SLEEEPPPPP !!!!!!!!

Digital Literacy
The Arena at Clarke Quay is the venue for Charice private event in Singapore! Such a swanky place to party for Asian VIPs! ! lol!

Chris Wrate
Show today w/ Charice. Gonna be dope!

marion caunter
With Charice. The cutest thing. Crazy talkin to her bout hanging out w Oprah, Celine, Andrea Bocelli etc. ♥

marion caunter
I have an exclusive with Charise ( yes, Sunshine on GLEE, the gal who sang with Celine Dion and hung out with Oprah ) Any questions? :)

Jerald Justin Ko
Charice with Power98 FM

Radio 91.3 Singapore
Is At Charice Press Conference With Boy Thunder!

Charice and Tikling

Just for fun Chasters....

Credit goes to the editor of the photo who did an excellent job if I may say.

" Let's Party LOUDER "

Last Sunday, June 19, 2011"Louder," a sure hit by our very own international diva and pop/rnb superstar Charice, was covered in "Party Pilipinas," a local entertainment show here in the Philippines. It was sang by three artist Rachel Anne Go, Kyla and Jolina. If you remember Rachel Anne guested during the Valentine TV special of Charice in GMA last February. The two sang "If I only got you" by Alicia Keys.

GMA 7 has been very gracious in allowing Charice's songs be covered or featured numerously in their stage from time to time. Set aside network wars, I believe this is one way of showing the Filipino's appreciation to a talent that is now competing in the international music arena. Chaster's support as well as Charice's countrymen's support will definitely be a great boost to her confidence and personality as she climbs the stairs towards the TOP of the PYRAMID.  

We all know that Charice has been making the Hills abuzz with her appearances in the entertainment scene, GLEE and her upcoming movie with Salma Hayek and Kevin James, Here Comes the Boom.  And there is no stopping to all this because few months from now, "ONE DAY" video will be out and soon her 2nd album will be released along with the music video for "LOUDER," her single.

If you haven't seen the cover, here it is. YOUTUBE subscribers has been saying a lot about this cover, I just wanna know how Chaster's feel about this one. Enjoy!

                                      (I do not own this video, credit goes to

And here is Charice's LOUDER - the lyrical video

Sunday, June 19, 2011

"ADOBO" A Pinoy Chaster's Delight

Lurking in Charicemania and blogging makes me very hungry. And since it's almost lunch here and I'm alone at home I better eat now. However, I was considering whether I should just go to a "karenderia" (an inexpensive popular food house) or cook. I am no chef but at 26 I should know a couple of typical but authentic Filipino cuisines. And the first recipe I have mastered is the simple but nationally famous "Adobo."

Nowadays, this savory recipe has been a staple even on a non-Filipino table. It had gained popularity among other races mainly because of the fact that Filipinos are everywhere. And where a Filipino goes, follows the values, culture and FOOD. I have also heard and seen International RNB Singer and Actress Charice and Boxing Superstar Manny Pacquiao introduce "adobo" to the American palate. Charice even tweeted that she misses eating "adobo." Yes, this is the sumptuous "adobo" she speaks of.

Since Chasters are GLOBAL, I want to share this recipe to you. Like I said, it is very simple and the ingredients aren't hard to find. Get you're note pads and pens and take a look at the list of ingredients :

1/2 kilo pork cut in cubes + 1/2 kilo chicken, cut into pieces or
choice of either 1 kilo of pork or 1 kilo of chicken
1 head garlic, minced
1/2 yellow onion, diced
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 cup vinegar
2 cups of water
1 teaspoon paprika
5 laurel leaves (bay leaves)
4 tablespoons of cooking oil or olive oil
2 tablespoons cornstarch
Salt and pepper to taste
3 tablespoons water

Are you ready Chasters? Well, here is the simple step by step way of preparing "Adobo."

FIRST : In a big sauce pan or wok, heat 2 tablespoons of oil, or you may use Olive Oil which is healthier and then sauté the minced garlic and onions. When it browns and its sugar starts to melt, add pork and chicken to the pan. Add 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup of soy sauce, vinegar, paprika and the bay leaves. Bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes or when meat is tender. The measurements are for you to know the correct proportions but I prefer just doing simple ESTIMATES of every ingredients. In that way its more FUN and it adds excitement in COOKING.

SECOND : I would want you to remove the pork and chicken from the sauce pan and on another pan, heat cooking oil and brown the pork and chicken for a few minutes. In this way it would create a beautiful color and texture to it. This is an option though because you can also just leave it cooking in the pan till it browns and its sauce thickens.

Lastly add salt and/or pepper if desired. Then bring it to a boil and simmer for an additional 5 minutes.

Turn off the stove and serve hot with the adobo gravy and plain rice.

AIN'T THAT SIMPLE AND EASY CHASTER? What do you think? Well, let me know if you were able to cook this dish and if it actually favors you palate...

 - bon √† petite -

Friday, June 17, 2011

Charice : From Nada to Prada, De La Renta, Gabbana and McQueen

Let's take a glamorous glimpse at how I make a fashion icon out of Charice, the incredible singer, actress, hot hollywood celeb, who is making a buzz at the Hills. 

Up first is this gorgeous black fabric turned into a high fashion dress from the house of Alexander McQueenWith exquisite art details on top and a lovely ribbon belt. 
Holding on her left hand is a bag created by Prada. It is studded with swarovski crystals and has a golden strap on it.

CHARICE will definitely look divine in this creation.  An open yoke coming to a "V" shape midway down the bodice allows her a taller image as it elongates the neck.

This dress, I want to pair it with another creation of the House of Alexander Mcqueen. A simple black stiletto with a flower-like glass detail at its sole.

She can wear this when she receives an award at the Grammy's awards night. She can also strut this look during red carpet galas, striking a pose for the "paparazzis". 
Or any social events at the hills.

Last look is an ultra-fashion casual look that I would want to see Charice wear during shows and interviews. 

A mouth-watering fashion piece by Oscar de la renta is a black lace and crinkle chiffon ruffle short sleeve blouse with back neck tie profile. This will be paired  with a "tweed and lace skirt, elasticated waistband and scalloped lace hem from the Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear Collection  by Dolce & Gabbana.


This FISHNET STILETTO by DOLCE& GABBANA tops up the whole look.

   And to accessorize her, a simple two-tone, semiround shell bag

I have chosen this looks for Charice for two reasons. First she loves black. And second she is simple but stylish and trendy.

Hope you like it. And I will leave it to your imagination as to how Charice will look like if she wears these two looks. Ciao. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011


When I was still a kid, I play marbles, hide-seek, "chinese-garters," "jack-stones" and cards. I am the happiest child every time I play these games. Then I became a teen. I stopped playing and changed. I acquainted myself with teen-hood and what makes the latter fun. Friendship was a key in my teens. It brought me confidence and made me appreciate life in a teeny-kind-a-perspective. Now, I'm 26, still have my friends but now I belong to pot of races, united for one cause, one belief and one happiness. CHARICE. And we call ourselves "CHASTERS." UNITED CHASTERS.

If a chaster is reading this, I need not explain who and what Chaster stands for. But for those who aren't and are curious, a "chaster" is a person who unconditionally believes in Charice's unbelievable, amazing, inspiring, unquestionable and out-of-this-planet TALENT.
CHASTERS are like the United Colors of Benetton. We are of different color, race and religion. We the professionals, the educated, well-mannered and caring individuals who shares insights and comments that are intelligent, profound and eloquent and opinions that holds water. We are also the thousands of OFW's in the world, the millions of aspiring talented souls in this planet and the amazing song writers and producers who see talent when we hear one. And yes, Chasters heard Charice and grateful to have lived in her generation.

We don't know each other personally, but when we talk about Charice, it feels like we have this bond. A bond so strong that no one can easily topple. Not to mention that  it is so easy to express one's joy, sadness, frustration, fear and happiness in the presence of Chasters. We are simply a family. And like normal family, we care.

I have to mention this amazing site especially made for Chasters, CHARICEMANIA. Its like the holy bible for all chasters in every corner of this planet. Chasters linger in this site. Believe me, it crashes sometimes when chasters go crazy and wild. I visit the site everyday and I read every article written there. The comments are what I look for every time I read an article. It's just amazing how Chasters comment on each article. You can feel them. They are real. And their love for CHARICE is real. They really care. Its like Chasters have adopted Charice in their lives and in their families without Charice even knowing it. 

CRABS are a favorite meal for Chasters. We eat them alive. But we have learned to be at peace with them. There's no point why Chasters would waste time on them. They will always be there, forever insecure and selfish.  Chasters deal with them fairly even though sometimes they go overboard. We are defined by our actions and a chaster's personality is reflected by it.

To this day, I am thankful I'm a chaster and PROUD TO BE ONE.

"I'v seen Hell and Guess who I saw there "

I am a Catholic and I do believe in Heaven and Hell. I have no idea how it looks like or how it feels to be there, since I still breathe life here on earth. Sooner though, I would be. And that's when my time comes, hopefully in Heaven. Yes, heaven guys and not hell. But lets not go to that. This story is not about me and my thoughts of suffering and pain in hell nor of happiness and joy in heaven but rather of a young ecuadorian girl who believed she died for 23 hours and saw Jesus. And not only that, she claimed to have been into hell and saw three very prominent individuals in the planet. You wouldn't believe who she saw there.

Well, based on her testimony, she died due to lack of food as she was fasting for fifteen (15) days. For a period of 23 hours, the young Ecuadorian girl Angelica saw the Return of Jesus Christ and the Kingdoms of Hell and Heaven. She narrated that when she met Jesus, she saw Jesus weeping over multitudes of soul lost in the abyss. And that Jesus cries for a world that had forgotten Him, a Church that is mostly unprepared for Him, a people that have stopped witnessing to the lost, and an entertainment industry that even lures children to satan.

 Well, if you have guessed who, then don't be surprised. Here goes.  First, she saw the Latina singer Selena Quintanilla Perez in hell. She claimed that Selena had told her to tell the people on earth not to listen to or sing her songs. Crazy right? Who else? She also saw Pope John Paul the second in hell. Now that's very interesting. It was just a couple of months ago when Pope John Paul was beatified as a Saint and now this. Oh! she's not done yet, prepare for this one, she testifies that Michael Jackson is in hell as well. Maybe? After all, MJ was in a one hell of a roller coaster ride while still alive. May his soul rest in peace.

But the question remains, is this for real guys? Has she really been in Hell and Heaven? And Has she actually met Jesus Christ? Were Selena, MJ and Pope John Paul in Hell? I DON'T KNOW. And i don't plan on knowing because if they are really in Hell, I wouldn't want to meet them down there :)

If you wanna know more about this story, you can read her 18 pages testimony of Heaven and Hell by simply clicking this link Testimonies of HEAVEN AND HELL.

"The best way to get to heaven is to take it with you. " --Henry Drummond


 Good morning sunshine. Did you have a good sleep? I certainly hope no one woke up at the other side of the bed or worst in somebody else's. Well, 'tikling' had a weird dream last night but I won't be writing about that today. I thought about writing what my friend Antonio S. encountered with one of the Philippines' biggest network providers, Smart Communications Inc.  (SCI)

Late last night, I observed his post in Facebook and I quote "Disappointed with Smart Communications, Inc. I just hope it's just some system glitch, no human interference involved." So I wondered what happened and perhaps tikling could have his opinion about it. Well, Anton mentioned that "they were able to renew a supposed contract at a FUTURE date without the other party sign any document. the worst thing is, per system, the subscriber was able to get a free phone, which, in reality, did not happen." CURIOUS, I AM INDEED. 

SCI should not have renewed the contract in the first place unless in the contract there is an automatic renewal clause wherein upon failure of a subscriber to either renew it or continue with the subscription the contract automatically breathes a new life. However in this case though, I'm not so sure if Anton was given that option because per post he said "they were able to renew a supposed contract at a FUTURE date without the other party sign any document" meaning without his knowledge. 

I asked Anton what's he gonna do about it and he answered "my gas abelgas, i just hope this isn't one of those horror stories i've heard from other subscribers. still awaiting for their call... if they can't provide an update within 48 hours, bantay lang sila :p" 

And here are the rest of the comments of his friends about the situation :
  " Nanoy Khu sue them. hehehe calling atty. Anabelle Anggot hehehe
      Insiong Ang Ayos! Smart simply AMAZING!
      Nanoy Khu hala hala i smell lawsuit...go wan!!!
      Shayne Putian crazy mn jd na smart, plus very poor customer service, sue them!
      Domenick Apole yey, mag-Globe na si juan. =P
      Antonio Juan Soriano dili ko mag Globe, mag tukod ko'g akong network :p
      Jolie Heaven wahahaha.unsay name sa network?
      Domenick Apole :  haha maayo na juan.
      Antonio Juan Soriano ‎"Juan Network" - it's time everyJuan calls and texts! Harhar...."

JUAN NETWORK - IT'S TIME EVERYJUAN CALLS AND TEXTS - this is CUTE! hehehe Well, I am just thankful I'm not a smart user. I have the SUN all day long and even at night I know the SUN will always be there.

So for all of you out there who are in the same situation with ANTON, if SCI does not do anything about it, CHANGE network. I guess that's the easiest solution. You still have TM, GLOBE, RED MOBILE, and SUN. Why settle for something that cannot meet our expectations, right? ITS YOUR MONEY and YOU SHOULD GET YOUR MONEY's WORTH.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I noticed just today in Facebook that one of my closest friends Angelie is planning to sell beauty products, which she will purchase in the United States. If I'm not mistaken, she then will send that thru FEDEX. And once it arrives, another dear friend of mine, Lourdes (the business woman in our group) will sell it.

THIS IS HER SHOUT OUT IN FACEBOOK "Heya! JMARCK's U! Have an announcement to make. Lourdes and I just established a small GLAM business partnership - GLAM. We sell beauty and personal care products from top brands such as Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, and other notable US brands. First batch of products will arrive in August"

If you are interested in buying the items just visit their facebook account, click on this link


I have written a simple speech a couple of years back. Browsing through my files, I noticed one that speaks of the youth and its actually for the Sangguniang Kabataan. But since school has started already, I thought it would be timely to post something that speaks about the role of our youths in our struggle to have a better community, better country, and a better world.

 here it is...

 Despite the clouds hovering over this tumultuous time in our country, the youth is the silver lining that brings us hope.  And the youth whom we entrust our future and the future of this nation is YOU.

The Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) for many years has honed and shaped leaders who have become forces to be reckoned with in our respective communities. Organizations such as the SK, serve as a breeding ground of a select group of young people whose passion  to serve makes them stand out among their peers. It has disproved a common notion that the youth are but lost souls and can only do so little during their time. And it makes us believe that serving the public knows no age, that its only a matter of “speaking up” and “equating words with actions” to make a difference.

You should know that upon the youth's shoulders rest the undefined responsibility of taking our future to greater heights. And there’s no better time to get our acts together and start making a difference but today! Let us not wait for our elders to teach us how to do things that are good for our community or to figure out how to solve simple issues in the smallest unit of our society. It only takes a strong sense of what is right and wrong and the infallible will to do good for others. You are the cream of the crop, the select few catapulted to a position that if only you’d realize a gigantic difference can be made.

It has been said that “youth is the only season in which human nature can be corrected, in youth the power of correction is without limit.” Take this moment in considering how you can correct the wrongs that you see. Changing a whole nation may take decades but if you start today, the very fabric of the future can easily be woven. Only the youth can initiate real change because they are creative, idealistic and in control. The youth of this nation can shed the dirt this country has been into, which could cure the diseases that hinders its development.

Today is not only a celebration the youth but of leadership at the same time. To collectively do serious introspection of the things we have done, the differences we have made and the direction we are taking this nation should be the youths end in mind.

Alas! The youth will forever be the future of our country.

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