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CHARICE : A-list Awards and Recognitions

One hot afternoon while lurking in the world wide web looking for updates on Charice, I looked up her profile in Wiki and found out that for the last four years international Rnb singer and actress, Charice has been receiving various awards and recognition not just in the Philippines but in other countries as well. Some I didn't know but most of them I am familiar with.

I am in awe that for such a short period of time Charice indeed has come a long way. From losing in a local talent show and rising to fame, a fairy tale story unfolds before our very eyes. And nobody can deny her enormous talent and lovable personality even when she is still put down by some of her detractors. Her heart eats and breathes respect to all and she remained grounded despite the fortune she currently holds in her hands. This is perhaps due to how she was raised by her mother and the Filipino values that she chose to practice. And she has Oprah and David at her back.

I am a mere fan. A chaster, I call myself. I might not have seen her concerts or participated in her shows. But knowing that there is a soul in me believing in her pure talent is enough. It might not be enough for others but it is enough for me. And someday, I know I will meet her and when I do, it will be heaven on earth.

Three things I have learned while being a fan:
1. Accept others opinion even if its the worst, as that remains an opinion and I cannot do anything about it. It makes my blood boil reading some hurtful words being said here and there but I realized that as long as I know and I feel the truth of what and who Charice, nothing will persuade me from becoming a fan.

2. Contentment, happiness and joy by just seeing a 10 or 20 seconder clip or video of Charice. My mouth drops wide open every time I listen to her sing, talk or even smile. Yes, a smile, a giggle or a burst of laughter coming from her is heartwarming and it brings the purest joy of all joys.

3. Staying simple and be true to oneself. Charice has always been an inspiration and will continue to be one. I'm not that young anymore, although I still feel young, but knowing Charice and how she handles her fame and her success inspires me to do great things not just for myself but for my family as well. And if ever success will come knocking to my door, I'd definitely know how to handle it as I have the best and the youngest teacher there is CHARICE.

Anyway, below is the list of her achievements. I hope you find it interesting as well. Good day!

                   Awards and recognitions

Charice's star in the Eastwood City Walk of Fame, the Philippine equivalent of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • 3rd Place – Little Big Star Big Division, Season 1, Philippines
  • Most Requested Foreign Act of 2007 – StarKing, South Korea
  • Most Memorable Moment of 2007 – The Ellen DeGeneres Show, USA
  • Pinoy World Class Talent – 20th Year Anniversary of the Music Museum, 2008, Philippines
  • Key To The City of Rotterdam – Mayor Ivo Opstelten, 2008, The Netherlands
  • Best New Female Recording Artist – Aliw Awards, 2008, Philippines[87]
  • Newsmaker of the Year 2008, 2009 and 2010 – Balitang America, USA[88][89][90]
  • People of the Year 2008 – People Asia Magazine, 2009, Philippines[91]
  • Plaque of Recognition – The Spirit of EDSA Foundation, 2009, Philippines[92]
  • Special Citation Award – MYX Music Awards 2009, Philippines[93]
  • National Newsmaker of the Year 2008 – Ateneo de Davao University TAO Awards, 2009, Philippines[94]
  • Outstanding Global Achievement – 40th Box Office Entertainment Awards (Guillermo Awards), 2009, Philippines[95]
  • Best Selling Album of the Year - 22nd Awit Awards, 2009, Philippines[96]
  • Best Musical Performance of 2009 – The Oprah Winfrey Show, USA[97]
  • Person of the Year for 2009 –, Philippines[98]
  • MDWK Magazine's Top Newsmakers of 2009 – Asian Journal's MDWK Magazine, Philippines[99]
  • Fun, Fearless Female Award – Cosmopolitan Magazine Philippines, 2010[100]
  • 21 Under 21: Music's Hottest Minors (Number 4) – Billboard, 2010 USA[101]
  • Icon of Tomorrow – J-14 Magazine, 2010 USA[102]
  • BPInoy Award: Outstanding Filipino – Bank of the Philippine Islands, 2010 Philippines[103]
  • Best Inspirational or Religious Song (for "Always You") - 23nd Awit Awards, 2010, Philippines[104]
  • Number 4 in Yahoo!'s 2010 Most Irresistible Lyrics for 'Pyramid' – Yahoo!, 2010[105]
  • Number 7 in Reader's Choice Favorite Album of 2010: 'Charice' - Billboard[106]
  • Number 17 in Best Dance Club Songs of 2010: 'Pyramid' – Billboard[107]
  • Number 59 in Japan Hot 100 Songs of 2010: 'Pyramid' – Billboard[108]
  • J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 Award: Best New Artist - J-Wave Radio, 2011, Japan[109]
  • Female Concert Performer of the Year - 42nd Box-Office Entertainment Awards, 2011, Philippines[110]\                                                                                                                                                       

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