Tuesday, June 21, 2011

" Let's Party LOUDER "

Last Sunday, June 19, 2011"Louder," a sure hit by our very own international diva and pop/rnb superstar Charice, was covered in "Party Pilipinas," a local entertainment show here in the Philippines. It was sang by three artist Rachel Anne Go, Kyla and Jolina. If you remember Rachel Anne guested during the Valentine TV special of Charice in GMA last February. The two sang "If I only got you" by Alicia Keys.

GMA 7 has been very gracious in allowing Charice's songs be covered or featured numerously in their stage from time to time. Set aside network wars, I believe this is one way of showing the Filipino's appreciation to a talent that is now competing in the international music arena. Chaster's support as well as Charice's countrymen's support will definitely be a great boost to her confidence and personality as she climbs the stairs towards the TOP of the PYRAMID.  

We all know that Charice has been making the Hills abuzz with her appearances in the entertainment scene, GLEE and her upcoming movie with Salma Hayek and Kevin James, Here Comes the Boom.  And there is no stopping to all this because few months from now, "ONE DAY" video will be out and soon her 2nd album will be released along with the music video for "LOUDER," her single.

If you haven't seen the cover, here it is. YOUTUBE subscribers has been saying a lot about this cover, I just wanna know how Chaster's feel about this one. Enjoy!

                                      (I do not own this video, credit goes to

And here is Charice's LOUDER - the lyrical video


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