Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hi, kumusta? How are you? 

I use this line all the time. Especially when I meet old friends, acquaintances or even strangers who look familiar. I am using this now because I have been away for almost a year now. Yes, this soul haven't been active in blogs or other social media sites except Facebook. And I miss you, yes you! Charice and you, "Chasters" all over the world.

This blog is unlike other blogs wholly dedicated to Charice and her fans. In a day or two, you will read articles about her, yes. But you will also encounter some other stuff worth reading and worth your time. 

Writing isn't really my expertise. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration major in Management, which explains why my writing will be very simple and direct. Trust me, you won't need Miriam or Wiki when you chance upon this humble blog of mine (laughs). 

Someday, I do wanna right like any stereotyped writers. I wanna learn their craft. Might take some time or a lot of time but will burn candles if I have to. For now, I'll settle for less and that is writing my thoughts on this piece of media.

What to expect? I cannot answer that yet. But most definitely, it'll be about us, our lives, how people matter, how Charice matters, how Chasters matter and lastly how life matters.

I'll be posting my first thought very soon and I hope you'll like it.

Truly tickles,


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