Thursday, June 16, 2011


 Good morning sunshine. Did you have a good sleep? I certainly hope no one woke up at the other side of the bed or worst in somebody else's. Well, 'tikling' had a weird dream last night but I won't be writing about that today. I thought about writing what my friend Antonio S. encountered with one of the Philippines' biggest network providers, Smart Communications Inc.  (SCI)

Late last night, I observed his post in Facebook and I quote "Disappointed with Smart Communications, Inc. I just hope it's just some system glitch, no human interference involved." So I wondered what happened and perhaps tikling could have his opinion about it. Well, Anton mentioned that "they were able to renew a supposed contract at a FUTURE date without the other party sign any document. the worst thing is, per system, the subscriber was able to get a free phone, which, in reality, did not happen." CURIOUS, I AM INDEED. 

SCI should not have renewed the contract in the first place unless in the contract there is an automatic renewal clause wherein upon failure of a subscriber to either renew it or continue with the subscription the contract automatically breathes a new life. However in this case though, I'm not so sure if Anton was given that option because per post he said "they were able to renew a supposed contract at a FUTURE date without the other party sign any document" meaning without his knowledge. 

I asked Anton what's he gonna do about it and he answered "my gas abelgas, i just hope this isn't one of those horror stories i've heard from other subscribers. still awaiting for their call... if they can't provide an update within 48 hours, bantay lang sila :p" 

And here are the rest of the comments of his friends about the situation :
  " Nanoy Khu sue them. hehehe calling atty. Anabelle Anggot hehehe
      Insiong Ang Ayos! Smart simply AMAZING!
      Nanoy Khu hala hala i smell lawsuit...go wan!!!
      Shayne Putian crazy mn jd na smart, plus very poor customer service, sue them!
      Domenick Apole yey, mag-Globe na si juan. =P
      Antonio Juan Soriano dili ko mag Globe, mag tukod ko'g akong network :p
      Jolie Heaven wahahaha.unsay name sa network?
      Domenick Apole :  haha maayo na juan.
      Antonio Juan Soriano ‎"Juan Network" - it's time everyJuan calls and texts! Harhar...."

JUAN NETWORK - IT'S TIME EVERYJUAN CALLS AND TEXTS - this is CUTE! hehehe Well, I am just thankful I'm not a smart user. I have the SUN all day long and even at night I know the SUN will always be there.

So for all of you out there who are in the same situation with ANTON, if SCI does not do anything about it, CHANGE network. I guess that's the easiest solution. You still have TM, GLOBE, RED MOBILE, and SUN. Why settle for something that cannot meet our expectations, right? ITS YOUR MONEY and YOU SHOULD GET YOUR MONEY's WORTH.


  1. smart isn't smart after all

  2. correct. and in my opinion they don't have the best of service either both customer service and network wise...

  3. i'm using smart. so far i'm having good network service. :)

  4. well good for you wanderer...hehehe good to knw that you havent experienced any inconvenience with the network. ;) thanks for droppping by...


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